Becoming Someone Different Begins With You

Women investing in herself

Everything about you will change when you change your mental image(vision) or expectation about yourself. For example, if you don’t identify yourself as a smart person then you won’t do what smart people do. Here is another one, you may like the affects of being an entrepreneur but not see yourself as an entrepreneur, therefore you will not take the steps needed to become an entrepreneur.

Becoming who you truly are is a decision you make. Most people are playing all the roles in their movie instead of being the main character. You’re always changing, it just depends if you’re changing to become your best self for yourself or you’re changing to be accepted by others. What type of change is happening in your life?

Here are a few steps that will help you transform your life:

  1. Awareness- before any change takes place you must become aware that a change needs to take place or that something is possible. You must become aware of your current thoughts and how your perceive things. I recommend you journal your thoughts and actions at least once a day. This will help you become more aware of yourself along with setting up the question of why you’re doing the things that you’re doing.

  2. Widen your perspective- perspective is your current view point, which is formed by things you heard, seen or done. When you widen your view point or change your position, you can now see things from a different side. Don’t limit yourself to your limited perspective. Be open to learning and growing. Grow in knowledge. I recommend reading books that will challenge your current perspective. The Bible is one book that helps form my life perspective. Click this link [25 booklist] on books I recommend. Surround yourself with confident people that know who they are and where they are headed.

  3. Belief in yourself-one of the reason we become unhappy with ourselves is because of our expectation for ourselves. If we don’t live up to the expectation that we ASSUME for ourselves then we become unhappy. Take control back and begin to believe in yourself. Raise your standards. Stop formulating your beliefs from your current or past position in life. Begin to think about what is possible. If you can’t define what is possible then imagine what is possible.

The few things that are mentioned requires you to spend some time with yourself. It will require you to discover more of yourself. Your change starts with your willingness to invest in yourself. Become a creator not a manger. You can always become more because you can always do more. Please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Nathaniel Moore is a Serial Entrepreneur, Life-Coach and Motivational Speaker. He's the founder of yMoore, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business strategies to millions of people internationally. Nathaniel has helped over 200 young leaders take their good results to great. Nathaniel specializes in helping entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners find confidence in their true self, allowing them to maximize their gifts and talents.


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