Breaking Free From Limitations and Becoming More

We frequently allow our own and others’ perspectives define our character allowing the restriction of personal growth creating limitations. Limitations are the shackles that can either be self-imposed or established by others keeping you from reaching your full potential. Ask if the things you tell yourself truly reflect your character and inspire you to reach your goals. If you think you have no limitations think again. Everyone has limitations and they feed on your fears and doubts dictating the direction of your life. We aren’t even conscious of the things that are holding us back because we have accepted that we are the way we are without ever trying to be more; we’ve settled. Becoming aware of your thoughts is essential to break the shackles; it allows you to discover your limitations. If you still think you have none let me give you an example of how one small aspect can change the course of your life.

Throughout history a male’s potential has often been determined by his size. From the Roman Empires’ gladiators to modern athletes this categorization has predetermined the outcome of their lives. Take for example an adolescent boy who is hefty; it is automatically assumed that he will make an exceptional football player, right there his future is determined. He is never given the opportunity to flourish elsewhere because his genetic trait along with influence of others has determined his future. His one talent ceased the growth of other possibilities because he was categorized at a young age. Typically, football players are stereotyped as less intelligent party animals, years into his adult life he still lives this lifestyle. This adolescent boy has known only football his entire life and without ever discovering other possibilities where he could have flourished. Now this man only believes he can excel at one thing.

This example gives you a general idea of limitations, how they develop, and how much they determine your character. To discover and overcome limitations, it is essential to be aware they exist. Now that you’re aware; begin listening to your thoughts and the things you tell yourself. Question if these thoughts are yours or are they someone else’s. Once you identify one of these thoughts, your focus will see that limitation in every aspect of your life, and you can decide to either shelf it or acknowledge it. You are the one who is in control of your life, no one else. Change can only come from within yourself, if you are unhappy change it. If you find something that is hindering growth or causing disaffection you must be the one to act and change it. To grow a decision must be made either accept it or challenge a limitation. Until you make that decision to challenge the things you don’t like about yourself you will remain in a continuous cycle of misery. We are all capable of so much more than we believe and in order to break free of what’s holding us back we must challenge ourselves, until then personal growth ceases. Ask yourself are you living your life the way you want to or are you just a character in someone else’s book.

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