Don't Let a Pebble Create a Landslide

When we try to figure out the one thing that’s holding us back, we over-complicate the issue. Looking for this large signal that will solve all our problems. When we don’t find that huge sign, we put the thought that there’s something hampering growth on the back burner ignoring its existence. It stays on the burner believing whatever it is will be a long grueling process to overcome. The back burner has been sitting too long now, and the good news I have for you, is that the one thing hampering growth could be as small as a tiny pebble that's snowballed. We don’t notice the tiny pebbles in our life because well…they are tiny, but even the smallest things can make an enormous impact.

A runner was out for his morning jog when a pain began in his left leg, knowing he had no injury anywhere near the area he pushed on. The human body is a fascinating machine and after the runner ignored the pain in his leg, his body signaled once again something was wrong and his hip started hurting. Still, he pushed forward, finally when the pain consumed his entire left side of his body, he could no longer run. The runner stops, and sits down; as he sits, he notices a small pebble stuck in the crack of his shoe. He removes it gets up and continues his run pain-free. The pebble in his shoe was the culprit. It raised one part of his foot only a matter of millimeters but with a complex machine such as the human body, a couple of millimeters is enough to throw off the entire body’s alignment.

As silly as this seems we all have that tiny pebble in our life, something so minor that we overlook it; but its effects have snowballed causing a complete standstill in growth.

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