Embrace WHO you are!

Here’s the question?

Do you have to have a great idea (what or why) to lauch a company or small business?

Over the last couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many people concerning the WHAT they should do with there life, topic. I’ve realized that so much emphasis is placed on the WHAT rather than the WHO.

WHO typically takes the back seat to the WHAT very often. WHO you are is the reason you ask WHAT or WHY in the first place! This is the same for starting a business or a new career. If you wait for the WHAT and the WHY then you will never get started!! Its through your actions of “WHO” you are, is where you will find your What and Why.

I remember entering into my first business deal. My search criteria was as such: industry did not matter (the what) rather I wanted the focus placed on finding a struggling company(who I am). You see through my actions at my job I recognized my talents and who I was. I am a fixer, a communicator, an encourager and a creator. These qualities are enssential in turning struggling companies around. Because I identified who I was, industry no longer mattered.

I want to encourage you today to focus on WHO you are. Through your everyday actions and thoughts, their are clues about WHO you are all over the place. Get to know your self well. You could also ask others the question of who do they see you are. Once you get a good ideal about yourself, take the next step. It’s then your WHAT and your WHY will be revealed.

I hope this article provides some clarity. A stronger you could change your community! If you have any questions please go to my contact page and send me a message. Love to hear from you!

Nathaniel T. Moore

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