Feeling unfulfilled??

Why do we work at jobs that make us unhappy or unfulfilled? Why would we settle for anything less than operating within our full potential in our gifts or purpose? Because it's not our focus. How many gifts are laid dormant or recognized but never used? Why? Because it's not our focus. The focus of money, the focus of being provider, the focus of what others tell you or think of you, just to name a few could rob you of who you really are. Also, could rob you of feeling fulfilled. The greatest reward in life is operating within your purpose. 

I would like to challenge you to take a look at how you chosen to spend your time. Because, what you spend your time on the most, is the thing that is feeding you mind.  

You can change this today! Decide to spend more time in investing in yourself. Invest in a 9 dollar book on the mind or gifts. Invest in your relationship with God. Set aside time out of your day to sit in silence. These are just a few things I do. Be encouraged, you can make the change. It all starts with you. 

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