Self Improvement Made Easy; Changing Your Mindset is as Simple as Flipping on the Lights

The term “self improvement” has so many different components associated with it; it seems like personal growth is this overly complicated task. I tried to research how many books on the subject there were and after scrolling for much longer than I care to admit, all I could do was laugh, yes there are that many. Self improvement doesn’t have to be this big complicated task though. Sure, it takes work but keep reading and let me simplify it for you by giving you the one thing that makes self improvement easy. How many times a day do you flip on the lights?

Let’s say it’s the middle of the night and you hear a large commotion outside. You look out the window and all you see is darkness. You know there’s something out there; you can hear it; you just can’t see it. Common sense tells you to turn on the lights, so you flip the light switch and your yard illuminates. Now never in a million years did you expect to see what you're seeing now but as your yard is lit up, you are now witnessing a raccoon party. You didn’t believe before that there was such a thing. But now you know, and to think all it took to learn that raccoons threw dope parties was to just flip a switch.

So now maybe you’re asking how on Earth does this relate to self improvement. Firstly, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF SELF IMPROVEMENT IS YOUR MINDSET!! If you can get yourself into the right mindset change happens. How do you do that? You flip the switch again except this time instead of the light switch to your yard, the switch you flip is in your mind.

You know that person you dream of being? Every time you flip that switch, I’d like for you to become that person. Talk the way they talk, act, and behave that way too. Start small if you need, flip that switch for 10 minutes when you're at home where no one else is around. You now get to feel for yourself what your dream self is like. Those 10 minutes become so exciting that they become hours, then days, months, and result in a lifetime. If you’re skeptical thinking, I can’t just become a different person, let me fill you in on something, you already are. Let me prove it to you: Are you the exact same person when your mama is around? I didn’t think so.

Flipping that switch brings you into another mindset and allows you to see more than normal, just like seeing the raccoon party. After you set up a stronger mindset all your surroundings will illuminate. Your mindset directs your future and its outcomes, when you are able to see more you can do more. The things you tell yourself are the foundation for your personal growth. You must be the one to lie down this foundation and do it your way; no one else can. It’s called “Self Improvement” not “Everyone Else Improve Me.” An uncomplicated way to think about your mindset is your attitude or the general way you think about things. You know how as a kid you’d hear “you better fix your attitude” flipping the switch is just giving yourself an attitude adjustment; that my friend is personal growth.

The attitude you need to develop needs to be a positive one, become the unstoppable and relentless type of person. That mindset does wonders for your future. Basically, be the one who “GETS UP AND GOES”

Self improvement is the same thing as personal growth and well it’s basically the adult version of growing up. You’ve got to change the way you think, how you speak, how you treat others, that’s all in your mindset. The way you see the world depends on you; the choice is completely yours.

“The best part about being human is that you get to change whatever you don’t like about yourself”. You have the power to change…. Yes, you. For humans’ opportunities are endless, even if you don’t see them now, they are out there waiting for you. You just need to change your mindset to see them. You would have never known how dope raccoon parties were until you flipped the light switch and illuminated the yard. Now it’s your turn, it’s time to flip the switch to illuminate your surroundings, thinking an unusual way allows you to see more than you thought was possible. Your time is now! Flip the switch and GO. The world is waiting; let’s see what you got.

Hey, y’ all if you love what you’re reading like it, comment, or share it, encourage others to become more. Helping build others up is what we love to do. Not into reading? Keep checking out our blogs to learn more about the components of self-improvement but know this, without a strong mindset to build on it’s a tough process. Check out and subscribe to our podcasts click the link to begin upgrading your mindset.

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