Get Unstuck!!

I couldn't help but think about how many people are stuck in positions in life without any since of direction. Deep down we share this gut feeling that we are out of place. How is it that our gut is in the know but our mind and heart are in a completely different place?

I believe we do not give enough credit to our gut feelings rather we prefer to listen to our unstable hearts and minds. Whatever is in the mind, will control the body. The mind tells you that their is nothing out there to transition to. The mind will tell you that you do not have the resources to make a change. The gut will tell you that its time to make a change. In order to change this cycle, you will have to feed your mind with positive things. That means you may have to change the people you surround yourself with. You may also have to be careful with what television shows you watch. Think about the time spent on social media outlets. How much positive do you see on there? We literally download all the worlds junk in our mind each time we get on it.

I personally believe that you are one positive affirmation away from changing the course of your life. The only thing stuck in your life is your thinking, everything about you is waiting for you to take charge. So, the question is will you change your thinking? Will you change the crowd you associate with? Will you feed your mind with more positive material? The decision is ultimetly yours.

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