How Confidence Affects Your Expectations and Choices

Every aspect of life revolves around our choices. Every morning you decide to either get up and get going or stay in bed and hit snooze. You decide your choices by your expectations, meaning the way you think the outcome will look determines your choices to get there. The way you view a task will always show in its outcome. A negative outlook creates doubt and dread, instead choose a positive perspective where success flourishes.

Success happens when you put in the work to achieve the goal. If you look at the task as unachievable, you’ll expect less from yourself and your choices will be poor, but if you strive for better, your choices will be eager to support your cause. When you’re confident, you can achieve that goal, your expectations become much higher because you know you are capable to do the work.

So what happens to those times when your expectations are low, and you’re feeling you aren’t capable of success? Remember, negative thoughts shrink your confidence because they tell you what you can and can’t do. How do you overcome that? You prove the negative thoughts wrong by learning as much as possible about the subject. As you learn, stay open, get excited to learn, even if your excitement is as fake as a soap opera, do it anyway. As you learn you gain more confidence and expand your capabilities which provides you with more opportunities. That confidence changes your outlook on tasks and your expectations become higher because now you are knowledgeable and confident with your skills, you know you can succeed.

Everyone’s experienced an exciting event that created an early morning, you get so eager for the event you wake up and wait for the alarm to buzz. Imagine making every day that way. By making a different choice towards a situation your expectations will grow and you will thrive. You are the one with the power, what will you choose?

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