How the Things You Tell Yourself Can Create a Clog if Left Unchecked

What are some things you’ve wished or imagined you would do in your life but haven’t yet? Back when your imagination was endless, what were some of your dreams you said you’d get around to doing one day but still haven’t? Well, what’s holding you back? Most of the time, the things you say to yourself are what’s stopping you. We often tell ourselves little lies about who we are and what we can do. Those lies, if left unchecked, restrict growth. What’s stopping you may have started as a small blockade, but as the years have passed, those lies have most likely created a full-blown clog. Like a kitchen sink in gumbo weather, what do you need to trade to keep the drain unclogged?

What on earth does gumbo weather have to do with it you may ask, a good roux is served over steamed rice right? Yes, it is. Now after you clean your plate what do you do with any leftovers do you walk to the trashcan and scrape out each piece of rice or do you just run it under the water and let the small pieces go down the drain. In case you haven’t learned this it is a pretty bad idea to put rice down the drain, it often expands and creates clogs in pipes and if left unchecked can create a complete standstill in the flow of water, a total clog that takes action and work to allow the water to flow again.

It's common that when you repeat a lie enough times it becomes a reality. So, if you lie about your potential repeatedly, it’ll become ingrained into your mind and you’ll forget that it isn’t true. The internal conversations you have with yourself are what shapes you. As adults, we’ve lied to ourselves a lot, and like the pieces rice that washed down the sink, left unchecked can create a clog in our growth as an individual.

To discover the lies, you must look internally. What are the things you’ve told yourself that don’t reflect who you are or who you want to be? Most of the time, they begin as excuses for a temporary problem such as lack of time or lack of finances but have escalated and defined what you could do going forward. Think about some of your dreams you haven’t done yet and ask why? The reasons you give mostly likely began as a little blockade years ago but have years of repeating them you’ve allowed them to define who you are. They have become a clog. Sure, years ago you may not have had the time because you were in school or were just starting a family. But kids grow and school ends, so why is it you don’t have the time now? It’s because past conditions morphed into little lies that defined and shaped you. They have become a clog. Once you find the things you’ve told yourself that aren’t true, you must put action to them to break them up and unclog the drain.

If you aren’t an expert in rice or plumbing, here’s a brief lesson. Once rice goes down the drain, it keeps expanding. In the beginning, after it goes down the drain, you may notice nothing different, it’s just a small amount. But that rice that’s stuck keeps expanding and shrinking as time passes. Every time the water hasn’t run for a while it doesn’t go away it dries up and hardens but when it meets water again, it expands. In order to completely clear the pipes and rid all that is trapped it’s often suggested that you run what they call a snake through them. That forcefully pushes anything caught out of the system. The same thing needs to happen to those lies you must put action and forcefully clear them out.

The example of a lack of time is common, but let me show you that there is time. There are 24 hours in a day how are you spending that time. Do you sit and watch Tv or scroll social media for hours? What’s the benefits to those activities, they have zero long-term rewards? Right there my friend, are the results of a lie from the past that was never reevaluated and grew like the rice when it meets water once again.

Right now, is the time to put action and overcome the lie. You do this by trading those wasted minutes for productive ones. Are you willing to trade one hour of scrolling through social media to read a book or learn something new to bring you closer to doing what you’ve dreamed of?

Now is the time to expose the lies and clear the drain. Stop thinking about what you need to do. Overcome it by putting action to it. Be the person you want to be now and going forward, its time to snake the drain and let the progress flow once more.

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