How to Have a Successful Week

What is your strategy for this week?

What will be your attitude? What is your objective? What is the outcome you are working to achieve?

If you aren't thinking about this, it's not a reality!

I want to encourage you today that you have to commit to pregame thinking before you start playing.

This week is your game-time. What are you going to start thinking about right now to make certain that you have a successful week.

What are you going to do this week to get the result you desire in whatever area of life is your current focus?

What's going to be your mindset for this week?

How are you going to invest in yourself?

These are critical questions to think about and answer, because if you aren't thinking about this, you're left to what other people say and think your outcome should be.

Don't allow others to dictate your mentality, attitude, or actions.

Become more self-aware of what you want to do.

Be intentional about what you want to do this week.

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To your success,

Nathaniel T. Moore

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