How Well Are You Wasting Your Time? An Unusual Perspective to Challenge How You Spend Your Time

In life there’s one thing that’s always progressing; it can never go backward and once it’s gone, you can never get back. If you guessed that I’m talking about “time” you’re correct. Today I’d like to focus on a different perspective to view time. I hope that you will critically think about the way you spend your time and decide which direction you want to journey to achieve your goals moving forward.

Although it seems short, there’s a lot that goes down in one minute. Did you know that in the next minute lightning will strike the earth 360 times and 4,500 McDonald's burgers will be eaten? So how is it you use one minute? We all stream media so we all understand how tormenting a one minute advertisement is, did you know though that it also only takes a minute to make your bed for the day? Seems pretty smart to make your bed while the advertisement is on right? That’s using your time productively and you have to admit it’s pretty nice crawling into a bed that’s been made after a long day.

We all have ambitions and dreams that we want to accomplish in life, so we set out a pathway by creating goals to get us where we want to go. When you make those plans, you set out on a journey with a certain direction in mind. Now as time passes maybe months or even years later you begin to realize you’ve drifted and that your current path is in the opposite direction of where you intended. For some, the altered course has led to wonderful outcomes, but for others, there seems to be lots of frustration and discontent. If you’re in the discontent stage it’s understandable, you’ve seemed to have fallen short and have no way to turn back the clock and start over. That’s the kicker right there it is the countless hours that you’ve invested with zero results. You could work for years towards achieving a goal, but if that time you use isn’t productive, you’re bound to fall short. Think of the process you spend working toward that goal as a priority of minutes, not a priority of duration.

Let me give you this example of time as the priority of duration vs a priority of minutes for a bit of perspective. Let’s say David and Jay want to get healthy and set a goal to spend 1 hour every day at the gym. David’s vision is just one hour, and he’ll get healthy; Jay’s vision is to make that one hour a priority to get healthy. David gets there spends 15 minutes warming up, another 5 minutes to picking his playlist, walks 20 minutes on the treadmill not breaking a sweat, takes a water break, lifts weights a couple of minutes, and now it’s time to cool down and go home, his hours up after all. Jay gets to the gym for his hour, warms up listening to his playlist motivating him before he even starts, goes to the weight rack spends 15 minutes lifting then proceeds to the treadmill where he runs full speed for 20 minutes, after those 20 minutes he slows the speed and cools down by slowly walks, his hour is now up. They both spent the same amount of time, who do you think stands a better chance of getting healthy?

We can apply this scenario to any situation if you say you are spending “all your time” to achieve a goal make sure you’re making every minute matter towards that goal. Otherwise, your vision will stall. If you spend “all your time” making your vision a priority, not a minute is wasted, and your destination is closer than you think. Although you’re in the opposite direction of where you intended right now, there’s still time and if you use it wisely, it won’t take long at all. Think about what your GPS does when you take a wrong turn; it just says “rerouting” and finds an alternate way to get you to your destination. Life is an adventure, all the time spent on your journey to achieve your goals makes it worth the wait when you reach your destination.

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