How Your Awareness Could Position You for Higher Achievements

I remember as a child laying in the grass looking up at the sky for hours calling out animals or characters from the appearance of the clouds. My mind at the time had no restrictions placed on it. I would think and imagine freely. However, as I grew and “matured” I began to apply restrictions and limitations in my life. Although some were healthy and needed others were restricting to my creative mind.

Many of you have placed the same restrictions consciously or unconsciously on your self. Preventing you from wholeheartedly believing in yourself. These limitations restrict your creative mind from seeing yourself for who you really are and what you are fully capable of.

Then the routine takes place. You form habits that keep you safe. Ultimately living a life of safety and false security. This type of living could never fulfill you which you are more than likely nodding your head right now to confirm that.

Hopefully reading this post has for the first time has raised questions about your own life. Maybe this post has piqued your interest in what you are capable of. Maybe it brought you back to a place when you were a young imaginable and most creative.

This sense of freedom and memories are a reflection of your true self and who God has called you to be. I’m a living testimony of all the possibilities that await you the moment you free your mind of useless limitations. I want to encourage you that you are capable of so much more. How much more? As big as you will allow yourself to think and believe.

Here are 3 ways you can begin the process of ridding your life of limitations:

1. Journaling- the more you write and document your limiting thoughts the more awareness and discovery take place. It’s tough to change something you’re not aware of.

2. Shift Your Perspective- one of the best ways to do this is by listening to self-development

podcast, reading or challenging yourself through fitness. Doing these things will create new ideas and beliefs about yourself.

3. Affirmations- it’s important to verbally affirm those new beliefs you have for yourself during this transition. For a list of affirmations or steps to help with the process click affirmations.

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