Importance of Self-Confidence


a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment

As a kid I fought with this very thing. My memories go back as early as being 4 years old of fighting this emotion called low self-confidence. One example of this was when I was 7 years old I could remember as we would finish up lunch we would have to go up to the front of the cafeteria and dump our plates and head outside to play. I remember thinking every kid in this cafeteria would be looking at me, "I wonder what each of them will think of me". Every step, every motion made, I felt like I was being watched. I was met with this uneasy feeling of being extremely shy which stemmed my low self-confidence.

This emotion restricted me of who I really was, my abilities, demonstration of my true qualities, how I communicated and ultimately controlling my judgement. If you are reading this you may be able to relate in some sort of fashion. I believe a lot of life's success comes from having a positive self-confidence in ourself.

How do you build a positive self-confidence? I"ll list a few things to think about.

- Purpose: Start with identifying what is your purpose in life. What do you live for? What impact can you add to this society. When you know your purpose then life will no longer be about you anymore, it will be about how you can impact others.

- Giving: Whatever it is that you are doing give it your best effort whether you are good at it or not. When you do your best thats when you will feel your best and build a positive self-confidence.

- Pursue: Always be in pursuit of learning in areas where you are least confident. For example, when I wasn't confident in buying real-estate at an early age, I went out and bought a book in how to invest in real-estate which built my confidence in that area. Maybe for you its changing who you hang out with, or simply finding a mentor in the area you can use some improvement.

Having a positive self-confidence in yourself has a lot to do with your success in whatever it is that you are doing. The best opinion you can have is the opinion yourself. If you apply these 3 things in your life, I am confident that your success is just around the corner. Be encouraged.

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