Learn How to Find Your Inner Hero and Rise to The Top

We all love a great comeback story, from our movies to our books our entertainment is based off people overcoming adversary and ending up on top. If you watched Tiger Woods at the 2019 Masters this past weekend you saw one of the best comeback stories of all time. What makes this story powerful is Tiger had so many things go wrong for him since his last victory he had every reason to give up and quit. He didn’t though, instead he learned to rest, not quit which is the single most important lesson after any setback.

We all have a hero potential but after a setback we allow limitations to form and define who we are and what we can do going forward. Take Tiger for example he went from being on top in 2008 to the world believing his career was over for good in 2017, years of poor decisions created negative thoughts from supporters and after a number of surgeries that could have taken him out of the game for good even he believed his career was over. Then he got back out there and played again; after winning a tournament last year he proved to himself that he still had greatness in him regardless of others opinions both personally and physically. This victory proved firsthand that anything is possible if the personal belief stands. Fast-forward to this past weekend and the professional golfer whose life had become utter chaos is back on top and a hero once again.

After so many negative opinions it's common to be discouraged and settle for the life you’re told you can live. What makes a hero is saying “No” after limitations are given, its planting your feet in the ground because you know you are worth so much more than others say. When you hit a low point, instead of quitting and giving up on the dream remember to rest, don’t quit. Create your own comeback story and be the hero you know you are.

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