Learn How to Move Past Your Comfort Zone and Discover Your True Self

When you really think about why you don’t do the things that you know you should do but don’t do, is just as much about low self confidence as it is self discipline. Restore your confidence by simply deciding to believe in yourself.

Easily said than done, right. Their are plenty of factors or reasons that batters self confidence on a daily basis. One of those factors is the fear of the unknown. The unknown is basically that place directly outside of your controlled zone or in other words your comfort zone.

When things get uncomfortable or faced with uncertain decisions then immediately control mode takes over. A fact finding mission is now necessary. Dotting all the I’s and crossing all the t’s along with talking with friends or family become the strategy to find the confidence needed. Once all the information is processed we still do nothing.

Here are 3 things you can do to begin building your confidence:

  1. Say Yes - the next time you have a internal struggle on whether you should or shouldn’t do something that you know you should do just say yes immediately. It’s the small decisions, the insignificant decisions that I am speaking too. This will help build confidence in you and in your decision making ability which will allow you to make the larger decisions.

  2. Focus on you - Before you go and have a conversation with someone else, have it with yourself. Ask yourself the tough questions. Get others opinions for perspective not confidence. Their is a difference.

  3. Decide to believe in you - As simple as this may sound, we often times look for this from others. We become unstable when we look to others to find confidence.

Become your biggest fan. Let your voice become the loudest voice in your head. Your best self becomes a reality the moment you decide to believe in yourself.

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To your success

Nathaniel T. Moore

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