Let Your Dream Drive Your Fight, Not Someone else's Perspective Be The Reason For Your Fight

It’s important that as you fight or advocate for what you believe in that you don’t give up. It takes time for things to change. We didn’t get here overnight and we will not get where we want to go overnight.

This part is called the process. The work. It’s in these times that the details matter. It’s in these times that unwavering commitment and patience is required.

Each one of us needs time to process others' experiences, ideas, and perspectives. Don’t give up on unconditional love throughout this process.

Slowing down to speed up has helped me over the years to stay focused. Meaning sometimes I have to step outside of the fight to refocus, regain perspective, and to re-align with my “why”. If you haven’t taken the time to imagine, dream, or create the future picture for which you are fighting for then your fight will soon become burdensome and unclear. You’ll eventually find yourself feeling hopeless along with many other hosts of feelings.

I would like to encourage each of you to take some time to dust off your imagination. To sharpen your creative pencil and begin to dream again.

Let your dream drive your fight, not someone else’s perspective be the reason for your fight.

Much love

Nate Moore

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