Most People Are Distracted But Few Are Actually Focused

We live in a time where distractions is necessary in order for many to stay focus. The fact is that most of the distractions in people’s lives are not important. If you’re not intentional about your focus then your distractions are controlling your life.

If you cannot remember any accomplishments or things that you’ve learned this past week, then odds are you are not living your life with intention. Time is the most valuable asset each of us have.

Distractions typically steals hours per day decreasing production dramatically.

Distractions come in many different forms

You are distracted if your focus is on the negativity in the work place. This alone steals tons of time, energy and the biggest of them all, your efforts. This simple distraction has people all over this country operating at 40-60 % of their capacity. 

You’re distracted if you spend more time on social platforms than you do on yourself. Another huge distraction that steals hours of time each and every day. The time spent on social typically places people in a non productive state of mind. Focused on others lives oppose to their very own life.

The key is to become more fosused on your desires and dreams and what will it require of you to achieve them. When you become intentional about achieving your desires and dreams then your distractions become a nuisance and not your focus. Start becoming more intentional on what you think about when you wake up in the morning. Also, get in the habit of self evaluating at the end of each work day. Because what you can measure you can improve. 

To your success

Nathaniel T Moore

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