Personal Purpose: is a statement that defines who you are. It reflects your passions and values. It provides clarity as you set goals. Your sense of purpose steers how you want your story to go.

Many people identify their purpose with an industry or a job. Your purpose goes way deeper than what you can or do for a industry or job.

Your purpose is found in your personal philosophy. Philosophy: the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual. Here are a few questions that may help. What are some characteristics about you that separates you from others? You may have to go back to your childhood for this one. What are some internal drivers that lead you emotional for a cause or to take action? What are some great ideas that you have and would love to accomplish? Who do you believe you are?

Purpose goes way deeper than a job or industry. Take some time this weekend to get to know yourself. To ask yourself the tough questions. You can never make a healthy, genuine, long lasting impact on others if you do not know who you are and or your purpose.

If you do not know who you are, then you are open to what the world will say who you are. A confident you is what your job or industry needs. Be encouraged and always open to learning. Have a great weekend.

Nathaniel T. Moore


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