Did you know that at the root of every one of your decisions is a belief? Most times we don't even recognize this. So, the things you do, your behavior and attitude has everything to do with your beliefs. Crazy right!

So where do these beliefs come from. In most cases you can track your beliefs all the way back to your childhood. Unconsciously, what you've seen, experienced or heard as a child influenced you in such a way that you adopted those beliefs at those times. In most case we are simply the extension of our childhood.

Here is a great tip I used to identify these old beliefs. I picked up journaling on a daily bases. I'm not talking about the type of journaling you did in grade school. I started journaling my decisions, my thoughts on why I made those decisions etc. By simply journaling about my thoughts, I became aware of many things that I was doing for the wrong reasons. At the time I had no idea, I was just managing life! Now that I was aware of these old beliefs, I was able to set new ones.

I want to encourage you to pick up a journaling

and begin your path of discovery. Have fun with it! Soon it will become a habit and a book of new ideas.

To your success!!

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