Your Decisions Matter

Have you ever truly questioned your decisions?

I have the pleasure of meeting with plenty of great people on a weekly basis. Something I greatly enjoy. So much so, that I have literally re-evaluated my entire business career. People know me as a business man and a title I became to except but their was more.

The last year has been a year of change and question for me personally. As I begin to question some of my decisions and really get to the meaning of those decisions.....Something really cool began to happen. I began to align with who I really am and what I am purposed to do. When you begin to really ask questions that you are truly seeking the answers for, their is true discovery. My purpose has become very clear to me in the last several months. I am purposed to inspire, encourage, motivate and empower leaders (millennials) to reach or operate within their full potential. Because of this purpose, the by product is growing businesses with dynamic leaders in their 20’s and 30’s multiplying themselves. It was so easy though to just accept the by product as my purpose or the title others has given me. Looking to the buy product for fulfillment is not sustainable if therefore you do not know what the cause of the effect was.

My challenge to you is to really self evaluate and to really look deeper into each decision you’ve made through out the course of your life. Every decision you make and have made matters. Their is no such thing as “it doesn’t matter”. Everything matters!! Your reasonings and emotions that you will discover behind each decision you've made, will begin to ignite something in you. No longer Identify yourself with what other say you are. You are far greater than what others say you are. Their is greatness in you!!

If this post resonated with you message me. I would love to hear all about it! Thanks for reading!!

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